What is a Good Death?


 “To die is human, and anything human is mentionable .  Anything mentionable is manageable.” -Fred Rogers

If you are experiencing mental health issues or suicidal feelings contact Lifeline on 13 11 14  or
BeyondBlue 1300 224 636


Have you ever wondered what a good death looks like? Are you concerned about assisted dying and are wondering how we can support people at the end of their lives?
Discover contains helpful articles and stories as well as resources including the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT’s position.


How do you have a conversation about death or dying? How do you support people who are grieving? Have you made your own wishes known?
Engage asks you to go deeper into the questions that inform end-of-life decisions.


How do I share these ideas with others? How do I talk to my local member about end-of-life issues? How can I engage my congregation?
Influence gives you ideas and tools on how to affect change.

Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT

Public Engagement Group

As Baptists we want to see churches flourishing, society flourishing and God glorified as together we bear witness to the grace of Jesus in our society. The role of The Public Engagement Group is to enable, mobilise and coordinate the Association’s engagement with local communities and broader state and national issues. We serve the Association (including churches, affiliated bodies and the ministry centre team) by ensuring that our engagement in communities and broader public issues serves our purpose of advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word, deed and sign, through interdependent partnerships.

The Public Engagement Group would like to acknowledge the support and expertise of BaptistCare NSW & ACT in the development of this site.

The Public Engagement Group would like to acknowledge the support and expertise of BaptistCare NSW & ACT.

Want to hear more?

There is a lot to think about when it comes to end-of-life care and assisted dying. We don’t have all the answers but we have designed this site as a space to  provide resources and generate conversation. If you have questions about different aspects of what is a good death, get in touch and we can talk more.